pain clinic

pain clinic 

specialist massage treatments can be an effective part of pain relief and management.

our experienced and knowledgeable therapists can provide long-lasting relief and improvement for minor to chronic symptoms 

specialist COMBINATION TREATMENT [mandy]

bespoke treatment based on client symptoms – £50

deep tissue massage

deep tissue massage – £40

back, neck and shoulders – £30

sports massage

aids recovery and prevention of sports injuries – £40

pregnancy massage

relieves stress and tension for our lovely mums to be – £40

traditional swedish massage

traditional swedish massage – £35

back, neck and shoulders – £25

Kinetic Chain Release

single treatment £45

Kinetic Chain Release is a simple yet extremely effective system of medically recognised joint mobilisations.  provides relief and often instant resolution from pain and discomfort from chronic medical conditions. this method is so effective athletes from everyday to elite use the KCR protocol to significantly enhance performance. 


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